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This site provides information about dentistry across the county and the workings of the LDC.

Local Dental Committees in England were established in 1948, and  became statutory bodies under the NHS Act of 1977 and are included in the NHS Act 2006.  Primary Care Organisations recognise and consult with LDCs on matters of local dental interest ,local commissioning and developments in the provision of NHS dentistry. 

Hertfordshire LDC represents dentists with a General Dental Services Contract (providers or performers) or those on a performers list within the Hertfordshire boundary.

General information on this website is freely available to the public. In addition, Hertfordshire dentists may also access the password-protected area.  If you are a Hertfordshire dentist working as a provider in Hertfordshire you can access the dentists only section, please contact Mike deNooijer.-> see in CONTACT





 NHS Choices - removal of outdated dental information. See Here for details.


Claiming for URGENT COT -Item 7 

 When Making a claim under Band 4 urgent courses of treatment please be advised that this is coming under increased scrutiny by the BSA and Local EoE dental division, please see these notes for further guidance.


PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ISSUES HAVE ARISEN WITH REGARD TO 2 WEEK CANCER REFERRALS. Referrals made in West Herts for urgent  2 week cancer checks,where the patient has failed to attend may not have been followed up. Please ensure that all your referrals  for 2 week cancer checks have  been attended by your patients.


New anticoagulant Drugs in circulation see HERE


SEDATION FOR ANXIOUS CHILDREN under 9yrs of age see HERE, referral forms can be downloaded from the REFERAL section under SCDS within the Dentists Only Tab.

See Latest HSE sharps regulations 2013 http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/hsis7.htm   Follow the link below for the BDA H&S Team's view on these regulations.HERE

The 2013 version of HTM 01-05 has now been published please see here for the Government document ; and main bullet points can be found HERE.


Topical Miconazole, including oral gel: reminder of potential for serious interactions with Warfarin.  See Here for details 


MHRA confirms codeine not to be used in children under 12 years old see here for further details


PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE CURRENT NICE GUIDELINES for prescribing Antibiotics for prophylaxis.... See here for details


Performing Rights Fees Read more on the UK position and advice from the BDA


NHS DENTAL Charges for 2017, Band 1 £20.60 ; Band 2 £56.30 ; Band 3 £244.30 Reg 11 per appliance £73.30 (30% Band 3) 

With effect from 1st April 2014, when a referral is made to advanced mandatory services, the referring dentist will only be able to claim for services they provided( i.e band 1if no other Rx was provided, however the full cost of a band 2 should still be recovered by the referring dentist)

Statutory Pay Increases; National Minimum Wage (NMW) Adults: £6.70/Hr;18-20yrs: £5.30/Hr;  16-17Yrs: £3.87/Hr; Apprentice   £3.30/Hr updated 1st Oct 2015. Note as of 1st April 2016 the hourly rate for those aged 25yrs and over will increase to £7.20 (National living wage)

Maternity/Paternity Pay: £139.58/week and Statutory sick Pay : £88.45/week as on Mar 2017

see details here. No change last updated 31st March 2017





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Updated SDCEP Conscious Sedation in Dentistry guidance HERE

Hertfordshire Domiciliary Dental Service now LIVE see HERE





Next LDC Meeting 7.15pm Wednesday  10th Jan 2018

Proposed Changes to the treatment of TAX RELIEF for PENSIONS, to see how this may affect you read more at www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/pensions


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