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 A NEW version of Delivering Better Oral Health is available

In the new version the differences are that the summary tables have been reviewed and revised, particularly the table referring to periodontal disease. Where new evidence has emerged this has been assessed and the grade indicating the strength of evidence increased where appropriate. Additional tables have been provided to summarise advice about healthy eating, smoking and alcohol misuse. The sections providing more detail have also been improved and a section about behaviour change has been added. 
The summary table and full document are available HERE


The 2013 version of HTM 01-05 

has now been published, and is available on : https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/decontamination-in-primary-care-d
Most of the document is essentially the same, but  listed below are some

1. HTM 01-05 2009version previously stated that:
a. Instruments pre-wrapped and processed though a Vacuum (B) autoclave
can be stored for 60 days.
b. Instruments processed through a non-vac (N) autoclave and post
wrapped can be stored for 21 days.
2. HTM 01-05 2013version now states: (page 10, 11 and 12)
a. Instruments pre-wrapped (B) and post wrapped (N) can be stored for a
maximum of 1 year.
b. Instruments un-wrapped and stored in the clinical area can be stored
for 1 day.
c. Instruments un-wrapped and stored in non-clinical areas can be
stored for 1 week.

This indicates that the Department of Health now feels that instruments
should be stored on an event dependant basis rather than a time dependent
basis as previously stated.

1. Washer Disinfectors are still considered 'Best Practice' rather than
'essential' .(page 15)
2. Washer Disinfectors (if used) must comply with the Water Supply
(Water Fittings) Regulation 1999 and have WRAS certification for AB air
gaps. (previously not stated in HTM 2009 version) (Page 17)
3. It's good that there is still no confirmed date by which 'Best
Practice' must be achieved.
4. Type 'S' autoclaves now have a specific mention as one of the 3
types of autoclaves (page 22) 



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