About the LDC

What is the Local Dental Committee?

The Local Dental Committee is the statutory body, recognised by successive NHS Acts, as the professional organisation representing individual GDPs and GDPs as a whole to Primary care Trusts (PCTs), and Strategic Health Authorities (StHAs).

The 1999 NHS Act extended the LDC role to include representation of all GDPs whatever their contractual status..


The LDC is an independent self-financing body with statutory functions. It is not a trade union. LDCs have been in existence since 1911, and constantly modernise to work effectively with the changing NHS.


The LDC is funded by a statutory/administrative levy paid by all GDPs, whether GDS or PDS. The cost is deducted by the DPB from providers’ schedules as a flat fee equivalent to around £8 per month per performer. In addition, many GDPs choose to contribute an additional sum by way of a voluntary levy. The monies raised by the voluntary levy are directed to the British Dental Guild, which remunerates the profession’s national negotiators and representatives.


Elections take place regularly under terms stipulated in the LDC constitution. Any GDP may stand for election in the constituency in which he or she practises. Details are available from the Secretary.