Welcome to the Herts LDC

This site provides information about dentistry across the county and the workings of the LDC.

Local Dental Committees in England were established in 1948, and  became statutory bodies under the NHS Act of 1977 and are included in the NHS Act 2006.  Primary Care Organisations recognise and consult with LDCs on matters of local dental interest ,local commissioning and developments in the provision of NHS dentistry.

Hertfordshire LDC represents dentists with a General Dental Services Contract (providers or performers) or those on a performers list within the Hertfordshire boundary.

General information on this website is freely available to the public. In addition, Hertfordshire dentists may also access the password-protected area.  If you are a Hertfordshire dentist working as a provider in Hertfordshire you can access the dentists only section, please contact Mike deNooijer.-> see in CONTACT



The following LDC members have been elected to serve on the LDC for a further 4 years from 1st April 2019:

Sanjiv Bhogaita, Richard Colin, Michael deNooijer, Marc Friedmann, Shamique Ismail, Smita Rajani, Jonathan Randall, Tania Ross, Naman Shah, Shilan Shah
The LDC would like to welcome two new members Johanna Whelan, Alison Chastell

We have 3 retiring committee members: Kevin Chau, Vangelis Pashourtides, Spencer Richman

The committee would like to thank the retiring members for their services to the LDC and a special thanks to Kevin Chau who has served as treasurer for over 25years.


NEW REGULATIONS ON IONISING RADIATION :-  new regulations came into force on 1 January 2018, which means dentists using x-ray generators must register with the Health and Safety Executive.

NHS DENTAL CHARGES  April 2019 – 2020

Apr 2019/2020Apr 2018/2019

-Band 1   £ 22.70 £ 21.60

-Band 2    £ 62.10 £ 59.10

-Band 3    £269.30 £256.50

-Band 4        £ 22.70 ( Emergency Treatment) £ 21.60

Replacement Appliance    £ 80.70 £ 76.90

Adrenaline for anaphylaxis kits – a reminder to Health Care Professionals  

Please see Chief Dental Officers report with regards to stocking Adrenalin. Dentists areasked not to order EpiPens but ampoules instead, as there is a national shortage. See Detail Here


From 1 July 2018, UK law states that dental amalgam should not be used in the treatment of deciduous teeth, in children under 15 years-old, and in pregnant or breastfeeding women, except when deemed strictly necessary by a dentist based on the specific medical needs of the patient.

The law has been passed on the basis of environmental concerns about mercury pollution, and does not reflect any evidence-based concerns about adverse effects of amalgam on human health.